Marcello Tunasi

Pastor Marcello Tunasi

Founder and Senior Pastor of the C.R.E.F.M. Community


Marcello Jérémie TUNASI was converted in 1990 following an apparition of Jesus Christ.

In 1996 he received his call to the ministry. In 1998, he became the Senior Pastor of La Compassion Church in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2009, he founded the CREFM community (*Centre d'Evangélisation, de Formation et de Mission) based on the values of Love, Holiness, Power and Balance in Jesus Christ who counts. The CREFM has to date about fifty Extensions working in Africa, Europe and Canada.

He is passionate about new technologies, which he has been using to good effect for several years to teach, preach and evangelise beyond the borders of the DRC and Africa.

He is also the founder of Marcello Tunasi Ministries (MT), Compassion Nucleus International (NCI), the Compassion Orphanage and the Compassion Ministry School which trains missionaries.

His pastoral ministry is complemented by that of author-composer and interpreter of numerous spiritual hymns, director of theatrical plays with the HIS (humour, intelligence, wisdom) theatre and film company

Marcello Jeremie Tunasi is also the author and editor of several books: "Discover and experience your presence", "Strategies for dealing with temptation", "500 words of wisdom", "The secret of the Secret Place. From Go, Hide to Go, Show", "The Way of True Forgiveness". And soon "Bone of my bones, Flesh of the flesh. Choosing with God" and "Overcoming the spirit of divorce".

He is also the author, composer and performer of several spiritual hymns and director of plays performed by the HIS (Humour, Intelligence, Wisdom) theatre and film company.
Finally, this servant of God is the author and editor of several books. He is married to Blanche Odia KANDOLO. Four children were born from this union.

Pastor Marcello J. Tunasi knows more than anything else the imperative of seeing Jesus Christ in the most humble and miserable of men. All the projects he is carrying out are nourished by this unequivocal message of Jesus in Matthew 25:35-40. This Word acts as a revelator when he decides, in October 2019, to concretise the vision that God had placed in his heart and the promise he had made to him even before the beginning of his Ministry. The orphanage La Compassion is a reception centre for abandoned children and orphans in the city of Kinshasa. A centre that today offers excellence to the children who have been welcomed and cared for for two years. An orphanage to enable them to achieve success, a better life and to become aware that they have an inestimable value in the eyes of God. This project is open to the general public, which will allow you to participate in its realization and its functioning. This word of the Gospel, like the one declared in the Book of Isaiah 55:1, is also revealing when, in the midst of the announcement of confinement made by the government of his country, the DRC, he created a Boutique du Coeur to enable the needy to obtain free foodstuffs in particular. Today, this Boutique still distributes the foodstuffs that generous donors send from all over the world. We thank them and bless them abundantly!